Monday, April 12, 2004

On the Road Again: Dialogue

So I'm on the West Valley Freeway, looking at the northbound ends of two southbound trucks. The truck on the left is an SUV with a bumper sticker imploring questioning about the owner's honor student. The truck on the right is pickup that honestly looks like its been used to pick something up in the past few days.

The left-hand-SUV has a bumpersticker a headshot of John Kerry, with the thought balloon "I hope to someday make this country as great as France."

The right-hand pickup has a bumpersticker that looks like it says "BUSH" but you almost-immediately notice that they've added an "IT" to the end and a couple "L"s after the U in another color to spell out an effective curse.

Oh yeah, we're a swing state.

More later,