Monday, April 19, 2004

Life and Times

A short one, this time, as I am adapting to new technology. Kate had Comcast cable modem service installed this morning, which was relatively painless, though I got a couple phone calls about passwords that made me wonder what they were doing with my computer. One thing I notice right off the bat is that download speed zips right along, which creates an interesting problem: I am used to keeping a book at the desk to read while the larger pages download. Can I tolerate raw information? (I already screwed up this entry once (though it may not be connected directly to this and am re-entering it.)

Eric the food-poisoned over at Mystical Forest notes that the Pepys diaries are available online here. It pretty much underscores the day-to-day nature of Pepys' entries and the daily life of working and living in London. The Monkey King lists this site as one of his LiveJournal "friends" so you can get a semi-daily dose of Mr. Pepys.

Also, the winner of the Factoria robot-wars was "Ripple", a wedge-bot with a lifting arm. Just in case you were curious.

More later,