Monday, April 26, 2004

Killer Quote

"When you sleep with Jesus, you sleep with everyone that has slept with Jesus."

PA Politics

So tomorrow is the Republican primary in PA for Senator, and according to the lib blogs, a victory for right-winger Pat Toomey is a victory for Kerry, since the moderate Repubs, concerned about Toomey's far-right support that the moderates will sit out the election and Kerry will beat Bush in PA.

No, no, wait a minute. If Specter wins it its a victory for Kerry because the Conservatives will be offended by pro-choice moderate Specter and boycott the elections and Kerry will beat Bush in PA.

No, no, hang on. Bush, who is more like Toomey than Spector, endorsed Spector so a Toomey victory will be a slap in the face to Bush. No, wait, Toomey is more like Bush, so a Spector victory shows that Bush is just another political flip-flopper and will sell out his political soul mates. Or his political allies. Or the terrorists win.

No, Toomey will . . . no, wait, Spector. . . no, hang on, if Bush, I mean, should Kerry . . . .

Look guys, just vote.

More later,