Wednesday, September 08, 2004

An American Hybrid In Queen Elizabeth's Court

Often on vacation I bring a notebook and take copious notes, with the eventual mental promise to transcribe them. This time, instead of heavy notes, I put down only mental reminders for what happened when and where in the adventure. I present these below without further comment - they tend to read like the chapter sub-headers for a Victorian Novel or an article in The Believer. Explanations of any of these are available upon request.

Chapter One: Final Deadlines – Emergency Rose-ectomy – Tai Chi – Nick DeLapp – Three Crabs – Dungeoness Spit – Harbor Seal – Last Ones on the Ark – Victoria – Canadian Customs – At the Windmill.

Chapter Two: A Quiet City – Governor’s House – Tea at the ‘Press – The Castle – Opium Art – In the Shadow of Emily Carr – Blackfish.

Chapter Three: An Alternate Universe: Spanish Civil War – Trans-Canadian Highway – Yellowjackets at the Falls – Tofino; A Village Out of Time – Duffin Cove – The Young, the Germans, and the Young Germans – Raincoast – Lightning in the Fog.

Chapter Four: Dreams of the Gold-Faced Man – Low Tide: Seastars & Muscle Clusters – Crab Traps – Rumors of a Bear – Steps in the Rain Forest – Hunger Meltdown – Schooner: Rocking to the Oldies – Reservations a Year Ahead – The Lone Cone – The Bear with Size Ten Feet.

Chapter Five: Late Neighbors – The Stone Beach – Eagles – Hippies – Cucumber & Salmon – The Pointe: Food as Art – Power Outage – Bears Can Swim.

Chapter Six: Last Breakfast – Cathedral Grove – Bear Blockade – Broadside – Nanaimo is its Name-o – Queens of Cowichan and Eskimalt – Ding – Ambrose – Overcast on the Sunshine Coast – To the Edge of the Earth and Five Klicks Beyond – Wilderness Retreat – Jedi the Dog - Door of the Laughing Dolphin.

Chapter Seven: Crickets Spawn Dreams of Cel Phones – Scooby, Jesus, and Container Ships – The Ebb Line – Battle of the Bands – Canadian Waitstaff – The Louisa – Ashnod Going Up, Tawnos Going Down- Malibu Rapid – Chatterbox – Young Life – Jazz – Food as Satire – A Mild Poisoning.

Chapter Eight: – Dreams of Crystal and Baggage Handlers – Jeff Fury and His Howling Romantics – Skookumchuk Falls – Old Folks on Ski Doos – Green Rosette Bakery – The Queen of Surrey – Bad Part of Vancouver: Hastings Street – Steinbeck Gone Cyberpunk – An Alternate Universe: Blinking Green Lights – Five Sails, Five Stars – Anti-Bush Windshield Ninjas.

Chapter Nine: – Good Part of Vancouver: Canadian Hong Kong – Sun-Yat Sen’s Garden – The Sermon of Julian Law – The Border – A Licensed Surprise – An Accident Makes One Somber – Home: The Juvenile Pheasant, Two Black Cats, and a Small White Dog.

(OK, the explanation for the article title - I did not realize that Honda did not sell any Insights in Canada, so I ended up explaining my car to people. At lot of People. Everywhere.)

More later,