Friday, September 24, 2004

Electoral Storm - Polled

So I got an opinion poll call yesterday. The young woman said she was taking a brief poll, and would I tell her if I recognized the following names and had a positive or negative reaction to them.

"Jack Kah-rinz," she said.

I felt foolish for a moment, then admitted, "I'm afraid I don't know that name."

"Alright. Next. Pat Sullivan."

"Positive reaction," I said, "He's running for State Rep." Lightbulb goes off in my brain, "Against Jack Cairnes. Was that the person you referred to in the last question?"

"It's pronounced phonetically Kah-rinz here on my sheet," said the young woman.

This may be true, but anyone who has gotten a mailer from the man sees his name and pronounces it Cairnes, as in carnivore. Or a burial place of piled rock. Rhymes with Barns. Not Kah-rinz. I told the young woman as much (and that I had a negative response to him). And she thanked me and rang off.

Now, three things are possible here:

1) His name is pronounced Kah-rinz, in which case I've gotten it wrong, and Cairnes should show up in the news more often so we know how his name is pronounced.
2) The poll was sponsored by Pat Sullivan's team, and they will get a skewed result as most people don't know this "Jack Kar-inz".
3) The poll was sponsored by Jack Cairnes' team, in which case a truckload of antacid is being delivered to his campaign HQ even as we speak.

And if its #2 or #3, the campaigns involved should see if they can get their money back.

"I was shouting Boo-urns"

More later,