Saturday, September 11, 2004


Its been three years now.

Three years ago we were challenged as a nation and as a people. To say that our track record is mixed since then is an understatement. We started strong, but as often happens, we got distracted. Wandered down more than a few blind alleys, advanced more than a few dubious agendas, wrapped ourselves a little too tightly in the flag. Ignored warning signs, created our own Cassandras, and from our hurting, hurt a lot of other people.

And we still have a big job ahead of us. The guy taking the credit for this is still at large. His operation is still sending out press releases. We have to fill a lot of holes we've put in southwest Asian landscape. We still have to make ourselves safer on a number of fronts (shipping is a big one for me, but then, I live near a seaport). We have to support our first responders. We have to the repair self-inflicted damage to our Constitution. We have to live up to our rep.

Its a big task. We are up to it, but we have to stay focused, folks.

More later,