Sunday, September 19, 2004

Jest Another Weekend

Two things this weekend, one bad, one good:

The bad thing is the leading edge of a nasty headcold, spawned out the recent rains and cool temperatures, has left me weak and sweating. I've been sleeping 12 hours at a time, drinking a lot of fluids, and walking around the house, making honking noises like Felix Unger (and irritating Kate, who is studying for her Big Test on Wed/Thursday). It feels like a bullfrog has crawled up each nostril into my sinuses, and then inflated to fill all available space (don't you just hate that?)

The good thing was Foolscap, a small, local SF convention held in Bellevue. GoH (Guest of Honor) was George R.R. Martin and Art GoH was Raven Mimura (go look at Raven's stuff - he's an excellent artist and comes out of the RPG side of the universe). It was a very pleasant get-together - a small art show and dealer's area, and well-stocked hospitality room, and a couple rooms running simultaneous programming (my only gripe was my "shared world" panel was up again the "magic realism" talk). But it was the other members of the con that really impressed me - relaxed, friendly and knowledgable. I felt a lot of the panels I attended were "inside the beltway" - more about contracts than content, though I have to confess I didn't attend as many as I would have if I had not had bullfrogs shoved up my nostrils.

It was a good local con, and next year, they're bringin in Harlan Ellison.

More (honk) later,