Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Big Box

This has been a strange week, in that I've spent it waiting at home for the Big Box. UPS is supposed to deliver the Big Box, which was supposed to get here in the wilds of Seattle Suburbia on last Friday or this past Monday. And while I thought Friday was hopelessly optimistic, I came home early to take delivery. And have been working at home (mostly) ever since - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. No Big Box.

This has been OK, since I am working on a part of my current project which requires relatively little outside input. And my boss in on the East Coast for Toy Fair, and some of my co-workers have had the Yucks and have also been working out of home. Its a relatively quiet week. If there has been an ideal time to work at home, this is it. But still, no big box.

So far, the work has been good. I keep a home office for my freelance life, and work at home in my freelance identity, and know that working out of the home is often perilous - filled with distractions and with a lack of adult supervision. When you're writing, it is very easy to get into something, anything, that is NOT writing. Checking email, computer games, washing dishes, mowing the lawn (I know, its February, but its already due). ANYTHING.

But for the past three days I've been incredibly productive. Haven't even touched the addiction that is World of Warcraft. Part of it is that this is the chunk of the project that I find interesting - the icing as it were. And part of it is, since it is my day-job, I'm bringing to it my day-job mind - if I get this done, I can go home. Hang on, says the other part of my brain, I AM home (which may account for my lack of game-playing: if you spend your day at the keyboard in a room, at day's end you want to be anywhere else but in that room).

So I've been working - the Canadian Women's Curling Championship opening rounds on the telly in the background in the morning (Go, Alberta!), and the blues station on in the afternoon. I've been focused and productive. Late lunch, watching a cooking show on PBS about Scandanavian cuisine. But, alas, No Big Box. I'm in the office this morning, but only because I have an overiding concern - car repairs to the Saturn (but that is another tale).

Of what is in the Big Box, I cannot say (yet). Others have recieved their Big Boxes, so I am concerned about how long it is taking to get my Big Box. In the meantime, I remain productive.

More later,