Friday, February 18, 2005

The Blog Goes Ever On and On

First off, the RSS Feed. Monkey King set this up for me, and reports that about 28 people are currently pulling it from my site. This, of course, weirds me out mildly, since I cannot think of 28 people (including relatives) who would want to read a semi-daily essay on my basic geekness.

Now the odd thing is that the last RSS got garbled in transmission, deleting about four paragraphs between the appearance of an ampersand in the text, up to the appearance of a semicolon. This leaves the 250 words sent out on the feed looking more bizarre and disjointed than usual. All I can say for the moment is, to the Feedsters, if it sounds like I'm making less sense than normal, hit the link to the main site (I may still not be making sense, but at least you know its not a problem with the feed).

Oh, and yes, the time codes seem to be mangled up as well. I suppose the management will have to look at that as well.

But, in any event, I want to pass along that we got physical copies of The Dragons' Return in the mail yesterday, which has storied by myself and the Lovely Bride (appearing here under her professional name, Kate Novak). Kate hasn't written anything for publication in, well, it seems like forever, so I'm delighted to see her return to the game. The book should be meandering its way to the your better bookstores in the very near future. Enjoy.

More later,