Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Quiet Life

It is interesting that I can go great guns for post after post, then just drop out for nearly a week. Part of it is the last vestiges of the cold lifting off, leaving me tired and exhausted. And part of it is wrapping up the last of the freelance projects I went looking for back in November (This one a Christmas story for this year - more on that later). But its also been that I have not had any whacky hijinx for the past few days - the day job has been going well, I've been playing in two D&D campaigns, I'm in the midst of reading a great book, and I've been way too deeply involved with World of Warcraft (to the point that I've picked up a stand for my laptop with built-in fans to fight the heat problem on my laptop). Oh, and they're covering curling on the CBC again, leading up to Briar Cup, so that reduces me to couch-potato-ness.

So this is a bit of down time. Don't worry, I'll be back and ranting before you know it.

More later,