Sunday, February 12, 2006

Joyful Sound

So yesterday I spent most of the day slamming my head against deadlines (and most of today as well - one of the drawbacks to my independent/contracting/freelance life is that I am never off the job), then drove up to Cap Hill for a performance of the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus. Editor, penny-smasher, and friend scarlettina is an alto in the chorus, and had sent out an invite to friends. Many friends, as we ended up with "fan-block" at the All Pilgrims Christian Church for their performance of "Family Happens".

The music was great, a mix of folk and Broadway tunes. I realize I haven't owned a cast album since, well, Godspell, but the Sondhiem and the piece from Wicked (with Janna as one of the soloists) were wonderful. Shout-outs for Jason Wodicka's moving solo on "Losing My Mind" (highpoint of the first half) and Mitch Hunter's humor in the second half.

They got a standing "O" from the audience. And for an encore, they did Bohemian Rhapsody.

Afterwards we adjourned to Julia's, a joint down the street, where the service was horrible but the company was great. Much discussions of a variety of matters. including the physics of curling (gee, I wonder who brought that up). I, living out in the great land of cows, llamas, and housing developments was amazed to be reminded that some places stayed open after 10 PM.

It was a great break. Now I have to get back to the slamming of the head against the deadlines (sigh).

More later,