Thursday, February 02, 2006

XL: Trash Talk

Now this is more of the narrative I expected - X-Box versus Lunch Box (courtesy of my brother).

Now, mind you, I know a lot more Pittsburghers that look like the guy on the right than the guy on the left, but again, we're talking mental state here.

And speaking of mental state, apparently the Seahawks "Seattle Nice" strategy (Be pleasant, hit hard in the game) is taking its toll on the Steelers, who are looking for something, anything, to fire themselves up with. Bettis already went after the media for "disrepecting" the Steelers by making them the favorites (by belittling their opponents that means that the Steelers are not that hot . . . or something). Now Joey Porter has apparently blinked in the face of Seahawk niceness and unloaded a volley against Jerramy Stevens, who had the gall to say about Jerome Bettis "It's a heartwarming story and all that, but it will be a sad day when he leaves without the trophy."

I'm sure Stevens sounded like Ned Flanders, with a couple of "diddleys" and called it the "trophy-a-dophy" but that was enough to prime the Steelers' loose cannon, who declared "We're going to try to tap out as many people as we can". He then explained what he meant by "tap out", but of course, as everyone from Seattle already knows that means to exhaust your mana pool until you untap by change of posession or by gaining a new set of downs.

And the local paper ran a "Pittsburgh versus Seattle" comparison. Seattle has better beer, Pittsburgh more rivers, that sort of thing. And they set up kiddie host JP Patches against Mr. Rogers. Actually, it should be Mr. Rogers against Bill Nye, the Science Guy (Mr. Rogers still wins). JP Patches could be better compared to Paul Shannon, whose "Adventure Time", loaded with Three Stooges episodes, Kimba the White Lion cartoons, and the silent comedic stylings of Nosmo King, shaped a generation of young TV Viewers.

More later,