Friday, February 03, 2006

Other People's Blogs

The ever-sedate Nik Chick goes after blatant sexist marketing in the RPG industry with a stick. I'm with her on this, and not just because she gives a product from one of my lines a positive nod for showing attractive women within the context of the product. The offending examples from banner ads deliver the message that not only are some companies comfortable with the fact that no woman will ever encounter their product, but that they are more than just a little scared of gurls.

Her husband, Chris (who I also understand is somehow involved in the gaming industry) also scores points with 10 Fundamental Contradictions in RPG Publishing.

Also, from the Monkey King's friends list (best in the bidness), from "J", pulled from a message board, a story about how the Karl Rove and the President are apparently big Babylon 5 fans.

Yeah, you can imagine Rove with the big Londo sideways-mohawk hairstyle, shouting "Vir! Ve must swiftboat G'Kar! At vunce!"

More later,