Saturday, February 04, 2006

XL: Eve of Destruction

So here we are, the day before the most important sporting event of this new century, one which will be talked about for decades afterwards.

I'm talking about the Men's Curling Finals for the Canadian Cup.

No! No! I'm talking about the Super Bowl. I've started the chili and have already picked up some chips andAlaskan Amber. I've having a few friends over to watch the game tomorrow. The windstorm last night caused a power flicker here but no downed trees or other impediments to sports enjoyment. (You can laugh, but when the Bears were in the Big Game, we had a cable failure in Lake Geneva, and we all ended up listening to the game on the radio, just like the olden days).

So, do I have any predictions? Yeah, the game will run one of two ways:

Option 1: Blowout - One team comes out flat. It gets behind by a couple touchdowns. They try to rally. There is an fumble, interception, or blocked kick that seals their doom. It is all over by halftime. My gang breaks out a boardgame. Adverstisers who have paid more per minute of time than we're spending Iraq slam their heads against the walls.

Option 2: The Close Game Early trade of field goals as both defenses come out hard. A breakout run by a veteran running back. A brilliant pick of a well-thrown ball run back for a TD. A deeply questionable call at a critical moment. It will be decided by a field goal in the last two minutes, if not overtime. Cardiac care units will be overwhelmed after the game.

Naturally, I prefer #2 - both the teams deserve to be here, they had great championship games, and I want to see them go head to head, with everything falling into place for both teams.

Who do I think is going to win? While I think Pittsburgh is a great team and a great city (that's so my relatives will still talk to me after this), yunz should dance with the girl that brung yah. I'm going to say Seattle, but only by that field goal.

More later,