Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am Podded

I was going to talk about how the Lovely Bride is currently slammed at work (she is a tax preparer) and how I am going all Brian Boitano* in the kitchen as a result, but I think talking about something else would be more fun for everyone else.

So, I have done a podcast with the gents at Roll For Initiative. I spent way too much time talking about Cthulhu, real old school gaming, Monster Manual II, lichs and their demi-variety, and how we tend to view golden ages. Yeah, I'm all over the place here, but give it a listen (nice photo, too).

Oh, and the title of the episode comes from the tendency in early roleplaying to give games D&D-like names - Villians and Vigilantes, Tunnels & Trolls, and of course, Bunnies & Burrows.

More later,

*Has anyone WATCHED What Would Brian Boitano Make? on the Food Network? Scary and fascinating at the same time.