Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Norwescon, After Action Report

Norwescon went very well - they always impress me with their organization, right down to such nice little details as putting your schedule on the back of the little name stands that you use in the panels.

One of the things I appreciate is that I get thrown into some interesting panels with people I'd actually be interested in listening to. Like a discussion of creating with fantasy pantheons (pretty normal) with Sean Reynolds (which was a bonus) and an expert in philosophy and religion (which made it all the more interesting as we compared modern fantasy mythologies against older traditions). I really like the eclectic nature of the con and its panels.

But to be honest, my biggest problem is that the rest of my life tends to get involved. The day job and the freelance work have both conspired to keep me busy, and deciding to take the weekend for the convention and try to work these around it made for a rather hectic few days with precious little time for myself. Add to that a theater date Sunday afternoon and it made for a bit more activity than I really needed.

So now I stand once more at the head of the week with a mild feeling of exhaustion already firmly in place. Ah, well, at least I will have the memories. Until exhaustion claims them as well.

More later,

(Pictured above:photo by Jodi Lane, looted from Sean Reynold's Facebook page. You humble narrator and Sean talking about gods. Yes, I am wearing steampunk goggles on top of my baseball hat. I find more people take you more seriously this way).