Friday, April 30, 2010


It has been a rather hectic week, so other than a few pithy statements on Facebook, I've been pretty quiet here. Let me make that up with a bunch of stuff that is of fair import, complete with linkness.

First off, and the most day-job related, is that Guild Wars has been celebrating its 5th birthday with a LOT of data about Guild Wars 2. We start off with a design manifesto from our studio head, Mike O'Brien, then reveal the first of the new classes, the Elementalist, and Eric Flannum presents a two part article on the nature of combat. And that's just the first week, with more to come (and yeah, I've been wrapped up for the week as we all work very hard to make everything just as cool as it looks).

Secondly, I received my copy of Family Games, The 100 Best, which I've mentioned before here a couple times. It is now available, and contains a lot of cool essays from a lot of cool people about a lot of cool games, edited by James Lowder.

And speaking of group projects, there is a review up for A Peculiar Pentad, a Call of Cthulhu project from Super Genius Games. It is a small project, but meaty with contributions from myself, Thomas Reid, John Rateliff, Gwen Kestrel, and Jeff Quick, all of them old hands from Wizards of the Coast. Remember what I said about "scratch a designer, find a cultist"? I stand by the statement.

And, other friends have put together a marvelous video - Dqniel Kaufman (not a typo) has created a wonderful short film about Lex Luthor and Clark Kent as roomies. Guest starring Miranda Horner as Lois Lane and Mike Selinker, who offers the final definitive proof that he is an imp from the 5th Dimension. Well worth the watch.

And speaking of comics, tomorrow is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at your local comic book shop. My local is Spy Comics. Go check out yours.

And that is it for now. More later.