Thursday, July 21, 2005


One of the strengths of this journal is also one of its weaknesses - its diversity. Quite simply, I talk about a lot of things. This is good for variety, but bad for staying "on message" and delivering a regular installment of whatever-it-is-people-tune-in-here-for.

I do politics, but I wouldn't call this a polical blog. I do reviews but it isn't really a review blog. I am a game designer and an author but wouldn't call this a gamer's blog or a writer's blog. And it deals with personal stuff, but doesn't concentrate too much on the boring details of daily life (though I should note that the Lovely Bride entered into battle yesterday with a nest of paper wasps. The wasps won, but the LB suffered only a handful of stings and is currently planning revenge). I go off on loops on comics and would-be states of the union (I still want to do a bit on the state of Sequoia), but usually that comes to an end eventually. And I talk about the media, but this is hardly a media blog.

Part of this is my low attention span, but part of it is because other people do political blogs and review blogs and media blogs better than I. In particular, Blatherwatch does a pretty nifty job on reporting on the media scene in Seattle. In particular they cover local daytime radio and the deep ties it has with its corporate masters and conservative audience. I enjoy this site on an almost-daily basis, and recently sent them a letter to correct a mistake.

A couple of days ago they were dealing with Harry Potter (like, it seems, everyone else on the planet, including the Lovely Bride (when she wasn't fighting paper wasps)), and their spin was about the more-religious conservatives getting their shorts in a knot about the book and in particular it sorcerous subject matter. The Blatherfolk acquitted themselves pretty well, but noted that "Witches aren't even in the bible." Coming from one of those Protestant splinters that believes in a) bible-readings, and b) bringing a covered dish to pass, I thought this was off-base. Pulling a few of my bibles from the shelves (yes, I keep different editions), I did the research and called them on it. And they fessed up with good graces. Which I thought was pretty nice. Just go read the letter. And they linked back here, so I thought it only fair to return the favor.

And for me, I discovered that while I would generally rather be Left than Right, there are times that I'd rather be Accurate than Either.

More later,