Friday, July 15, 2005

This and That

This is short, because I'm up to some other things. A while back I provided a link for popularity of your Senators, so now we're going to do same thing for our State Governors. There are six GOP Govs among the top ten, and six among the bottom, so that's balance, I guess. The bottom ten include Washington's own Christine Gregoire (the local radio stations are still trying to put an asterisk next to her name), Arnold Schwarzenegger of California (what, you guys just voted him in, there's a problem?) and the scandal-wracked governors of Ohio and Alaska.

Oh, and someone named Yoyogod did a review of The Brothers' War on his site. I mention it because he says nice things about the book, and, more importantly, he demonstrates that I'm not the only guy writing reviews of books that have been out for a while.

More later, but right now up up to some other things.