Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I Become Employed (But Check Back Later)

So yesterday I started a new gig. It is a contracted, hourly position for Pokemon-USA to help with their web site. The job has a contracted end date (right before Thanksgiving), and while I hope it will turn fulltime, I frankly don't know what's going to happen. So as in most things, I'm going to do my best and keep my ears open, and if anything major changes, I will pass it along. I had to bow out of some major potential freelance projects to take the position, but I am still doing a lot of short fiction, so I'm going to be busy (How busy? I'm thinking of retiring my World of Warcraft account).

Long-time readers know I rarely talk about the day-to-day in these entries. I will pass on that the offices are on the 20th floor of a skyscraper in downtown Bellevue, until recently known as the Rainier Plaza but now renamed for a new major tennant, a financial group (Lot of lawyers, lot of accountants, worlds collide on the elevators). It is, without a doubt, the nicest set of offices I have worked in as a game designer (remember, when I started at TSR, we were working out of a condemned hotel). The offices are near the top of the structure, and have a commanding view of the surrounding area (including Bellevue Square, Lake Washington and the Seattle skyline). So with a long (30-45 minute) commute and parking away from the building, I keep getting this strange vibe in the mornings, commuting from the home to the office. I keep humming the theme song from Bob Newhart (Buh-DUH-BeDUBbebah!)

Gotta go - Mr. Carlin and Mr. Peterson are coming over to talk about page maps. (Buh-duh-DUN-dehBAH!)

More later,