Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So for most of the morning, the police kept me at my desk.

OK, let me unspool this for you. There was an "incident" at our office park. A man bashed in the front windows of a debt collection agency with an axe. Needless to say, the workers at that agency retreated to a back room, pushed filing cabinets in front of the door, and called the cops.

The police arrived and sealed off the office complex (there are only two roads into it, and it is surrounded by water). They asked all the workers to stay indoors and the management locked the accessible doors. So for about three hours, half the staff was locked inside and half the staff was stopped at the roadblock and turned back. Most went to work at home.

We on the inside were treated to Bellevue police moving through the parking lots and King County Troopers with heavy weapons and K9 Units beating the bushes, followed by police choppers, and later on news copters. They did a pretty thorough job (we were watching them from the windows), but after three hours did not find the culprit and lifted the lockdown.

And yeah, its not the NORMAL state of affairs in our office, but things like this do happen to liven up our lives.

More later,