Monday, June 07, 2010


I've mentioned before, here and elsewhere, that we're in a new golden age of Cthulhu, in particular as far as RPGs concerned. Once the domain of once-every-blue-moon releases, this particular niche has grown into a highly populated gaming environment, with new works from Chaosium, Miskatonic Press, Super Genius Games, Goodman Games, Pelgrane Press, Pagan Publishing, Cubicle 7 and others.

So it is with scant surprise (and no need to reach for the percentile dice for a SAN check) to discover that The Unspeakable Oath is returning from its shallow grave. The Unspeakable Oath was a revolutionary magazine as far as the CoC universe is concerned, so much that I consider it and Delta Green to be the initiation of its own Age of Cthulhu (though I have since broadened the definition of that age). Its sensibilities were much more psychological that previous incarnations, and its ultimate theme was "The stars have come right, and we are the monsters".

The first new issue is going to be out at the end of year, and they are taking submissions until 19 July. In addition, their editorial board reads like a Who's Who of Cthulhu's disturbed sleep of the past twenty years.

I thought very highly of the original UO, and really look forward to this new one.

More later,