Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Best Seller List

Here is the New York Times bestseller list for this coming Sunday. Star Wars: Scourge is listed among the "Also Selling" category at #33. That's darn good.

Now, that does not make Scourge a New York Times Bestseller (you should be in the top twenty before you start adding that to your byline), but it is a big deal for me, and I am very, very pleased by this turn of events. This represents the initial "push" of the book, and indicates that a lot of copies reached fans who were looking forward to it, and as such is not just a nice thing for the writer (which it is) but a commendation for both the marketing and, ultimately, a testament to the devotion of Star Wars fans who enjoy the novels. Thank you all.

And in celebration, everybody dance now.

More later,