Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Good Grief, More Hutts!

Star Wars: Scourge, is out, and getting nice responses.

I did a live podcast with the folks at the Star Wars Report, where we talked about Scourge, RPGs, the greater canon, Attacktix, and Uncle George's minivan.

I also went on at length for Big Shiny Robot, talking about the writing process and having a story make the jump from an RPG audience to a full book.

And speaking of RPGs, here's a review for the book from Roleplayer's Chronicle. And one from Geek-Life (complete with Jedi Mind Trick).

And finally, fellow content designer at ArenaNet Kim Kirch loved the book, and did some Hutt artwork, which I'm including here if you guys are tired of seeing the cover so much.

More later,