Friday, May 04, 2012

May the Fourth ...

... Be with you, always (what, I'm going to pass this opportunity up?).

So, more Scourge news. Last time out I posted a Hutt piece from my talented co-content team member Kim Kirch. This time we have a scene from the novel by Jeff Carlisle, which will appear in Pablo Hidalgo's Star Wars: The Essential Reader's Companion, which comes out in October.

I had no idea that this piece existed until it showed up on the Star Wars Books Facebook page. Color me surprised (and kinda giddy).

In addition, Star Wars Insider has released Issue 133, which includes my short story, "Hunting the Gorach", which stars my favorite big game hunters, Parella the Hutt, in a prequel story to Scourge.

AND, I have an interview with Linda at Fan Girl Blog. And to celebrate the day, Big Shiny Robot is giving away books. Coolness!

There are a couple more interviews floating out there right now, and this station will update as they show up. In the meantime, May the Fourth ...

Oh, you know. More later.