Monday, May 14, 2012

In Other News

Art by Joe Corroney
I'll talk about the illo to my right, but first some other more important things first.

While Scourge has had a great deal of promotion (particularly on these pages), an upcoming release by a fellow Alliterate and former TSR/WotC coworker has been coming in under the radar. Bruce Cordell's Spinner of Lies is a sequel to his Sword of the Gods, wrapped up with the Realms, the planes, and the drow. It is worth taking a look at.

On the subject of old TSR expats, I saw a note that Karen Boomgarden is in the midst of dire financial troubles. Karen was (among many major things in gaming history), the editor of the original greybox Forgotten Realms set, was the product manager of the line for a good long while, and as such has been responsible for curbing the worst of the literary excesses of Ed and myself. She's a lovely woman, a great editor and has proved time and again that she can keep up with Ed step for step. She's currently fighting off losing her house. Fundraising is going on until 9 tonight CDT  - more information here.

And finally, the art piece attached here (see, I told you I'd get to it) is by Joe Corroney and is one of three pieces that go with "Hunting the Gorach", a short story starring Parella the Hutt that I wrote for Star Wars Insider #135. The other pieces of art from that story, along with a whole bunch of Joe's work, can be found here,

More later