Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In Memory

In cleaning up the home office, I came across a file of old character sheets. These were the character's I've run in various campaigns, some of them going back decades but most in the past ten years. Some were one-shots, others had long lifespans, running until we decided to close that campaign. And so, let us bow our heads for these characters who will probably never return again:

Emjar Dwin - Eladrin Warlord/Spiral Tactician/Demigod (4e)
Whappamanga - Wookiee Fringer (Star Wars d20)
Edie "Fast Edie" Romanova  - Charismatic/Fast Hero/Telepath (D20 Modern)
Morris "Moondog" Greenberg - Tough hero (D20 Modern)
Hahn-Keh-Tahnk - Asari Kebenti (Rogue)/Priest (Horus) (3E)
Gomez "Go-go"" Gnozaria  - Gnome Artificer (Eberron)
Rellique - Warforged Paladin/Exorcist/Fighter  (Eberron)
Mog of Magni - Cleric (Magni) (3E)
Wicker of the Pierone People - Mindbreaker/Plant (Gamma World)
Sir Blaine of the Islse, Angelsea  (Pendragon) Shield a white Bend Sinister on red with Narwhale Rampant)
Al-Malik - Dragonborne Sorceror (4e)
Raham - Deva avenger (4e)
Thruggoth - Minotaur Ranger (4e)
Breedeep - Bullywug Monk (4e)
Roland "Rollie" Hempsmith - Dilettante (CoC Gaslight)
Elmer Sanderson - Groundskeeper (CoC Gaslight)
Kelden - Human Duskblade  (3E)
Oliver Weston - Essayist (CoC 20's)
Jimmy Milhouse - Oil Geologist/Team Leader (CoC 20's)
Chauncy Griggs - Professor of Anthropology (CoC 20's)
Jacob Wecht - Private Investigator (CoC 20's)
Archibald "Archie" Grigsby - Cavalry Colonel (ret.) (CoC 20's, Orient Express))
Matthew "Mutt" Nolan - Professional Driver (CoC 20's Coming Full Circle)
Charlie Ho - Sailor (CoC 20's)
 A - Dwarf (D&D Cyclopedia)
Nathan Chames - Writer/Naturalist (CoC 20's)
Margaret Jones - Activist/Retired Accountant (CoC Modern)
Réja hai Várrga - Njáshte of Ksarul (EPT)
Avarok - Fighter Servant of Réja (EPT)
Guy la Frénaie - Noble (d20 Cthulhu set in Averoigne)
Hugo Maison -Doctor (Trail of Cthulhu).

More later,