Saturday, October 11, 2003

Monkey Alert!

Friend and fellow author KiJ Johnson has a story on the web, "At the Mouth of the River of Bees" that may be found here. She is one of the founding simians and lynchpins of the Thousand Monkeys writing group, and the group has not been the same since she and Chris decamped for Kansas.

The Blog Goes Ever On and On

Well, if you want to get people going, just start talking politics.

Thanks to Janna and Eric for the kind words about "I take a stand" and cross-links from their own journals. No. I'm not sending it to Salon. Like they need one more witty liberal.

My conservative younger brother, always the contrarian, has chosen to become a Democrat just to spite me. I strongly encourage him to get his own blog, and I encourage his fellow workers (who apparently read this but don't "get" the play reviews) to encourage him as well.

Actually, the way blogs work, all of my younger brother's co-workers can get on the same blog. A blog of purchasing folk working for a transportation company in Pittsburgh. No, its not a silly idea - here are a couple personal blogs I pay attention to that belong to total strangers. One belongs to a tuna fisherman, and the other to a young pastry chef). I just tripped over them en route to other things and now check in about once a week and learn about the tuna industry.

And, since I threw out a couple Loosey-Leftie Blogs the last time, here are some Tightie-Righties that I regularly check out here and here. The latter is an anonymous staffer on Capital Hill.

And since this particular entry has turned into a link-fest (and I haven't quite got the hang of it, yet), here's one that friend Larry Weiner posted over to me - Emeril versus Cthulhu.

Actually, I'm starting to like Emeril. More later.