Thursday, October 02, 2003

Quick One

When I first saw the cover of The Repentant, I though it was weird. Its a full bleed cover with the title of the book on a tombstone halfway down the page, the entire painting done in "horror colors" - black, grey, and violet (Go to the bookstore - you'll see you can cruise the shelves by color sometimes). There's a cluster of tombstones at the top of the cover, but it just seemed an odd cover treatment.

Well, Brian Thomsen, editor of the book, pointed out to me what it was SUPPOSED to be. Those tombstones at the top of the cover have the names of the authors on them. If you look, my name is on the pedestal topped by the black ball. You can make out a few letters of the various names on the final cover, but for the most part, the effect is lost, both because of printing and because of the darkness. Great idea, but it just didn't work here.

More later.