Wednesday, October 22, 2003

You Kids Behave!

Don't make me bring out the Orbital Mind Control Lasers!.

Bodies in Motion

One of the misconceptions about being laid off is that you suddenly don't have a job. The truth of the matter is that your job changes from whatever it was you were being paid to do to the new job of finding a job. This new job begins the day you're laid off and ends when you change jobs again, from finding a job to an even newer job. People looking for jobs will continue to look for jobs until they have jobs, while people with jobs tend to not look for jobs until they need jobs - Newton's Forgotten Law.

I'd like to thank everyone who had contacted me to express their surprise at my departure, sympathy for my current plight, and assurance that I will "land on my feet". I have spent most of the day updating the resume (minor tweaks, since I tend to keep it updated anyway, because otherwise I forget what I've done), answering emails, sending out feelers to people in the gaming industry and related industries, working on the short story, doing lunch with a former boss, writing follow-ups, networking, and all the stuff you do when you're "not working". Situation is dire but not serious.

Broke from the routine to get some stew meat for dinner (Kate sent me out for a roast, without explaining all the various types of roast, and which type of roast she really wanted - she expected me to just know the right type of roast from all the cooking shows I watch - Wackiness ensued). Broke in the evening to go do Tai Chi, and then wrenched my knee before doing the warm-up excercises. I thought I could manage to baby myself through the entire form, but there is a move in the 42 sword form where you effectively curtsey while bringing the blade around. I made this grinding noise like a car stuck between gears and could not get up. So I have ice on the knee right now as I write this.

I've been thinking about giving the gorey play-by-play as I engage in the new job of looking for a job, but since I never really talked about the old job (except to say that they were a great bunch of guys, we were putting in long hours, and we took off that Friday to go see a movie), I'll probably gloss over it here. Besides, I really have to get back to local politics.

More later,