Thursday, October 09, 2003

Rainbow Season

The dry spell has broken, and while Seattle has not fully returned to daily rains, they are getting more common (about an inch of rain since the start of the month)* And this time of year, we're talking rains varying from thin mists to heavy, midwestern spatters, skies of dark ragged clouds pregnant with moisture moving low against the gray overcast, and, of course, rainbows.

Rainbows are large and spectacular out here - full bows spreading across the sky, brilliant spectra catching in the westering sun, hot, almost radiant colors against the shredded grey clouds behind. I was driving over to my Thursday Gaming Group tonight, and caught a full bow over Soos Creek, shining like strings of hard penny candy, its foundations firmly planted in evergreens at either side.

Beautiful stuff. Makes you willing to put up with the traffic.

*My folks gave us a rain gauge as a present. They may have intended it as a joke, but I've got it mounted on the back deck and check it at the start of every month.