Monday, October 13, 2003


So if you watched the Seattle/Forty-Niners game last night, you saw a sample of another Puget Sound Weather Pattern - the Wind Storm. Yeah, the 49er kickers were not that bad (I don't think so at least), but the severe hooking of the kicks was primarily from a strong wind coming off the Sound. You don't see it in the uniforms, but look at the ref's shirts and the sideline personnel - all the fabric is rippling from the wind.

This has more important effects than just throwing a football game in our direction. There have been storm surges on the Pacific beaches, and a winter storm watch in the Cascades. In our area, its been a couple nights of rushing wind pushing the trees aside, and a new fall of leaves and pine needles. I had forgotten about the latter - with the dry weather, I haven't had to worry about visitors tracking in needles into the living room. Now I have to get out the vac for that, and the blower to get them off the roofs (we have low, sloping roofs, and if left there, the needles will form a foundation for moss.

More later,