Friday, February 20, 2004

The Blog Goes Ever On And On

A few tweaks, and probably more as I move through the weekend.

The big change is the expanded blogs on right. I've separated them into Blogs and Web Sites, since the former are updated pretty regularly, while the latter is updated at a more leisurely pace (though still worth checking out).

Scarlett Letters used to be Times Square on Lake Washington, and is gifted editrix Janna.

Monkey King is Wolf, a fellow writer and West Coast Alliterate. He's also a Microsoftie, like Janna. Mrs. Monkey King is Shelly, who's just getting into the online journal thing.

Frabjous Dave is another Allit, as well as a magazine editor, though the Frabjous One has had book deadline make him a little more unresponsive than usual.

Mystical Forest on the other hand, is Eric, a rabid poster who has frequent downtime due to the nature of his job. I check him about twice a day and he usually has new stuff.

Nothing Good is fully titled Nothing Good Can Come of This and is the personal blog of Jon, who is a friend from WizKids. With most of this group you're going find out more about everyday life than the inner workings of the various companies, which is pretty much as it should be.

Subversive Puppet Show is another WizKid, Jason, who I discovered had linked to this site when I did an "ego scan" on Grubb Street (put the name into a search engine). I found Haetmonkey's Lair the same way. Haetmonkey is Colin, an old friend from TSR in Wisconsin who I hadn't heard from in years. We still haven't communicated, but we at least we monitor each others journals.

Kijmonkey and Mr. Kijmonkey are Kij and Chris, who were founders and keystones of the Thousand Monkey writer's group, of whom both Wolf and I are veterans. They're in Kansas at the moment.

And Stan! is an artist/writer with a full-blown site, and worth checking out, as is Thomas, another WotC/TSR Alum, who is now in Texas and still in the process of setting up his site in full. And finally, there's the Alliterates, the midwestern writer's group, which we update about once every two months (and we're due, so I have to go noodge everyone to send updates to Thomas).

Just thought you'd be interested. More later,