Saturday, February 14, 2004

I Go Over To The Dark Side

No, I'm not going Republican again. I bought a PC.

Its a Fujitsu N53 Lifebook - big time graphics-capable laptop. Got it at Frye's and I am still deciding whether it "meets my needs" - I've gotten the Office environment and a webpage builder and some games. I have two weeks to decide if I'm keeping it.

The similarities between PCs and Macs have increased over the years - the Windows interface has become more and more Macish, while Mac's operating system has abandoned the old version and embraced, what is for my machine, a more sluggy UNIX-based system X. Fellow mac-heads may revile me on this, but I am growing increasingly irritated with "the technocolor pinwheel". I hope that exposure to a PC system will make me more content with my Mac (now there's a justification for adultery that hasn't been used, yet).

The reason for buying a PC's are more than just irritation with Mac's latest operating system. Increasingly my work is taking me into PC realms, both with web page design and Massively Multi-player Online RPGs. I also needed to get a portable machine, both for my own travel (personal and business) but mobility as well in the office and home. The latter could have been a Mac, but the former pushed me fully into the PC Realm.

Anyway, its silver and black and I've dubbed it Groucho. It also has a fan that pops on only briefly, but noisily, so I have dubbed it Groucho the Flatulent. Maybe Groucho the Gassy would be more appropriate. I'll keep you posted on its progress.

More later,