Monday, February 02, 2004

I Hab A Code

I hab a stubby heb, to be ezzack - Hag gone.

[Sound of blowing nose]

Sorry, I have a stuffy head, to be exact, and a stiffness in all my joints. At least I'm not sneezing my head off, which is Kate's fate right now.

Both of us are down with it, though there's a question whether I brought home with me from an office filled with people too dedicated to stay home when they have the crud, or whether she brought it from her office where a lot of clients bring small, sneezy children. Regardless, we're both running at half speed right now.

And I'm in that first stage of "Guy Being Sick" which is:


Which usually leads to stage two, which is:

Mommy? Will you take care of me?

Hopefully, hot tea and an early bedtime will save me from Stage Two, but I'll keep you posted.

Moe Ladder [sniff]