Sunday, February 22, 2004

Someplace Special

One of the nice things about blogs and live journals is that they can be as local as you want them to be. With that in mind, and the fact that some of the people tuning in are from Pittsburgh, here are some local blogs from my home town.

Raitt Stuff is a racing fan and was the first Pittblogger I encountered. He mixes NASCAR with local politics, and is a good read.

Fester is definately left-o-center. He and Raitt are the two I normally check, since both mix their politics in with local news ("hey, how 'bout those gas price hikes, eh?")

Both Raitt and another local blog, Dave Copeland, have sidebars with name checks other Burgh Blogs. Have fun digging through the local news. They vary from closely tied in on one particular Pittsburgh subgroup (like music) or take on the national scene. Check them out.

And of course, all Pittsburgh blogs I have checked have been in complete agreement on one point - The Penguins really, really, really suck this year.


More later.