Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Riddle Me This

So If John Kerry is the Joker, that means . . . .Bush is Batman?

Millionaire playboy. Hmmmm. Inept appearance. Hmmm. No one would think he's a hero. Hmmmm. Looks pretty good so far.

Add to that the missing time that he can't account for. When he was supposed to be flying in Alabama, was he really cleaning up Gotham city? Could the secure location that Cheney/Alfred is always away at be the Batcave? And the weirdness about his trip to Iraq - did his press secretary make up stories about being spotted by British Airways planes so they wouldn't reveal that the President was flying the Batplane?

Yeah, its all starting to fit together, now.

And just imagine the conversation in the Oval Office:

Bush: Democrats are a cowardly and superstitious lot. I know! I'll dress up as a Bat!
Rove: How about as a fighter pilot?
Bush: Even better!

Now, some people might think that Bush is Lex Luthor, (who ALSO hates the Joker). But in addition to having no hair, Lex is already running the country over in the DC Universe (and doing a better job, leading us through those dark days after an extra-terrestrial menace destroyed Kansas). But that's part of the media's plan involving the Joker - will America accept an OBVIOUS SUPERVILLAIN as its chief executive?

The question is, how can Bush turn back this obvious attempt by the Joker without revealing his secret identity? Tune in for future installments!

More later,