Thursday, February 19, 2004

A Lousy Day

And occasionally there is a bad day. I've been wrestling with a problem at work, and its not coming out the way I want it. I screwed up my right knee badly and missed tai chi. Kate's come down with a cold and isn't doing so hot herself. And there's been a billing problem on a hotel charge that the client was supposed to take care of and didn't. Overcast with an inch of rain in the past 24 hours. The end result was me being horizontal in bed at 6 in the evening, growling about petty irritations, with an icebag on my leg. I'm more than mildly miserable.

And then there's this moment when the setting sun breaks through the gap between the cloud cover and the Olympic range, and the backyard is bathed in unearthly radiance. The pines turn a goldish green and the bark of the still-bare oaks become a shade of molten iron. And then its gone and everything is just the same, but different. And its not nearly as bad as it was.

More later,