Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Comics: The Fifty Things

While I'm waiting for the dust to settle, let's instead celebrate New-Comic-Book-Day with a Meme - "Fifty Things I Love About Comics"

Jonny Quest
“Stupid, stupid Rat Things!”
Marvel Two-In-One
“I am power! I am life, incarnate!”
Jack Kirby’s run on Jimmy Olsen
“Presdent give Cerbus papers, Papersay Cerbus fine fine fine”
Power Pack
“Crisis on Earth-2!”
Foggy Nelson
“Oh my stars and garters”

Green Lantern when he’s in space
X-Men when they’re not
Starfire learning to speak Russian
The giant penny in the Batcave
Bouncing Boy
“This is an imaginary story …aren’t they all?”
“Selena has already decided not to buy the lawn furniture”
Kyle Baker’s run on the Shadow
Understanding Comics
Baker Street

Cartoon History of the Universe
Cutter and Skywise
Sugar and Spike
Beast and Wonder Man fighting Red Ronin
Dial H for Hero
Buck Godot - Zap Gun for Hire
Inferior Five
“Professor Xavier is a Jerk!”
Spirit Jam

Ambush Bug
Enemy Ace
Cheese Dip
Peter David’s run on the Hulk
Thor the Thunder Frog
Mrs. Arbogast
Paul Dini’s Batman done-in-ones
John Byrne’s run on Alpha Flight

“Make War No More”
Lord Julius
“A humble dealer in spices”
The Death of Captain Marvel
Martian Manhunter
“These Romans are Crazy”
Joker fish
“Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!”

More later,