Friday, August 01, 2008

Kobold Clerics

Rain total for July - 1.25 Inches, most of it at the beginning of the month, with a brief burst last night.

Anyway, back to Clerics. From the previous entry, I am playing with what to do with my Kobold Cleric as far as the Channeling Divinity feat is concerned. I have four options.

1) Ignore it. I mean, you can channel divinity for other stuff, and you have to spend a Feat for an additional, tailored usage. Not bad, but a little frustrating - if you're not choosing one of the sanctioned gods, you're out of luck.

2) File off the serial numbers on one of the other gods' feats and use that. There is no Kord or Ioun or Raven Queen in this world, so why not rip them off? I might do this, but nothing feels particularly kobold-y

3) Steal an ability from a kobold in the Monster Manual. The choice looks like Incite Faith from the Kobold Wyrmpriest (Minor, encounter) Close burst 10: Kobold allies in the burst gain 5 temporary hit points and shift 1 square. Not bad, and like the Mob Attack we give to Kobolds, it encourages all-Kobold parties or the use of the Kobold Friend feat.

4) Design my own Feat. Of course I'm going to do this.

So the Channel Divinity Feats are nice but not great. They feel like a minor powers, in that they are particularly good within a set situation (fighting large creatures, fighting undead, you get a critical hit, etc).

And here's another wrinkle - the Kobolds of Zobeck, according to the DM, are a bit "flighty" with their deific preferences - changing from day to day. So this should be more about the kobolds and less about the gods (Ancestors, heroes, bits of felt found in the pocket, etc...)

Channel Divinity: Challenge of the Kobold Lords - Feat Power
Taunt your opponents into rush in when they should fear to tread
Immediate interrupt -- Melee
Trigger: You shift after hitting an adjacent opponent.
Effect: Your opponent immediately shifts into the space you have just shifted out of, if they are able to.

That last bit is to keep people from shifting into difficult terrain, or off cliffs, or large figures trying to move into medium spaces.

It's an interesting idea - we'll see how that works out.

More later,