Thursday, August 14, 2008

VG: Initiatives

Two more big categories to go, but here's the place where the current initiative on the primary ballot goes.

I-26 isn't the dumbest initiative ever proposed, but it is the dumbest (and only) one that's on the primary ballot. It basically proposes that we put ANOTHER initiative on the ballot this fall, an initiative that proposes all of the King County offices be listed as non-partisan. It is an initiative to ask if you want to vote on an initiative.

Good thing? I doubt it. We've just gone through all the superior court nominees, with the result that I can't tell you much except that they all have some sort of legal background and have that common sense, no-nonsense, voice of experience, voice for change outlook that is what YOU are looking for, and would be honored for your vote. Aa vital piece of information (political party) is lacking from the process about who you are voting for, and you'll have to keep your wits about you when you vote.

And the statement for is filled with enough goo-goo optimism to make even MY head swim, and its reaction to pointing out that this might not work (the anti-campaign) is an indignant "How DARE you insult the voters like that!". Look, I want to know what's in my cereal, and I don't feel insulted when they print a list of ingredients.

The Muni League is spuporting this initiative, and frankly, the Muni League is smoking crack on this. OK, let me be more fair - if we don't reveal what a candidates' party is, then voters will have to turn to other resources to get more information about the candidates. Resources like ... the Muni League! TaaDaa!

Me, I think the voters need all the help they can get (the past week of this blog proves my point that elections are getting increasingly difficult to manage).

Adding insult to injury on this, the OTHER question on the ballot is that, "If we DO choose to go forward on this initiative, which version would you like?" Sort of "You you like the fish or the meat, and even if you don't want the meat, how would you like it cooked?". The original initiative bans talking about parties on the ballots (though I GUESS you'd have the "endorsements" of the major political parties). A King County Council alternative makes declaring party allegiance optional (sort of like in the current "top-two", and we see how well THAT's worked out).

So let's just nip this in the bud, as Deputy Fife (so popular they named a town after him) would say. The Council measure is slightly LESS odious, but let's force our pols to be up front about where they are coming from.

More later,