Thursday, August 07, 2008

VG: State Treasurer

Does it bother anyone else that Paris Hilton has a more thoughtful energy policy than the McCain campaign? Still off-base, but more thought out.

Anyway, State Treasurer – Our Top Two primary gives us three choices for two slots here, consisting of a Democrat, a Democrat, and a Republican endorsed by the Democrat who currently holds the job. Ah, Diversity!

And to be frank, I’ve got no smart-alec cracks here. This is one of the abundance of riches situation that I wish we would be faced with in every race. Allan Martin (R) is the Assistant state Treasurer, so he knows the ropes to start with. Jim McIntyre (D) is a state rep with long years on the Economic and Revenue Forecast and House Finance councils, in addition to being a UW Prof. Changmook Sohn (D) is our chief economist, the former HEAD of the Executive Director for Washington State’s Economic and Revenue Forecast Council and responsible for predicting economics.

Wow. No air engines or god-derived constitutionality here. You pick ‘em.

More later