Saturday, August 09, 2008

VG: Attorney General

So we're back with the Voter's Guide and with it Attorney General. And again we've got that weird enforced moderatism that Washington State is subject to. The Republican/GOP party is trying to get some traction over the Governor's dealings with the local tribal casinos, in commercials that have just a whiff of racism to them. But the Rob McKenna, the Republican attorney general is out there defending the Governor and saying that everything is on the up-and-up.

Mind you, McKenna is also assuring everyone that this top two primary is completely legal, and will stand up to a challenge by the political parties that hate it. I will note that there are only two candidates for HIS position, so we'll see both of them in the general election come fall.

And the Voters' Guide has a interesting dualism as well - McKenna points out that we're doing well, while challnger John Ladenburg pushes the idea that we can do better. And indeed, McKenna's office gets points for increased transparency in government, such that the state is getting awards for it. McKenna points out that we've dropped six places in identity fraud. Ladenburg works from the same base set of numbers, and counters that we're still #9 in identity theft and #2 in consumer fraud.

So this one is definitely in the "to be continued" category, and things like who's backed each candidate and what you think about the top two primary will probably ultimately have more effect.

More later,