Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Jeff Recommends: Primary Season

So after all of this, does it really matter? Most of the categories have only two (at most) serious candidates, and we're going to have to go through this whole thing again in November, with the added overlay of the national race.

Pretty much true, but here's a trick. Not only are we voting one whether to add another initiative to the list, but we there is also a little business involving our non-partisan lines, such as our judges. Should someone get more than 50% in the primary, then they are given the prize and don't have to run in the general. And since there are fewer voters in the primary, you don't need as many votes to pull that off.

So yeah, vote. And if you don't like my recommendations, here are the ones for the Times, the P-I, and the Stranger. In addition, Shelly in Seattle has posted her own recommendations.

Here we go:
US Congressional District #8: Darcy Burner
Governor: Christine Gregoire
Lt. Governor: Brad Owen
Secretary of State: Sam Reed
State Treasurer: ChangMook Sohn
State Auditor: Brian Sontag
Attorney General: John Ladenburg
Commissioner of Public Lands: Peter J. Goldmark
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Teresa Bergerson
Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler

Legislative District 47, Position 1: No endorsement
Legislative District 47, Position 2: Pat Sullivan

Supreme Court Justice, Position 3: Mary Fairhurst
Supreme Court Justice, Position 4: Charles Johnson

King Superior Court, Position 1: Tim Bradshaw
King Superior Court, Position 10: Regina S. Cahan
King Superior Court, Position 22: Julia Garratt
King Superior Court, Position 26: Laura Gene Middaugh
King Superior Court, Position 37: Jean Rietschel
King Superior Court, Position 53: Mariane Spearman

King County Initiative 26 and Council-Proposed Alternative
Vote NO on 26. I'd rather leave the choice blank, but given a choice between the initiative as written and the council-proposed Alternative, I'd go for the Council-Proposed Alternative (Ah, the illusion of democracy).

Maple Valley Fire and Life Safety: YES
Fire Protection District 47 Tax Levy: YES.

So get out there and vote on Tuesday?