Wednesday, August 13, 2008

VG: Superior Court

From the US Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey:
"...not every wrong, or even every violation of the law, is a crime."
And that's the perfect quote (replacing "It all depends on what your definition of is is"), as we turn our eyes to the painful task of Superior Court justice.

Washington State elects its judges, which sadly means that we have to VOTE on those wanting the job. More trying, as non-partisan positions, we have to PAY ATTENTION to what we're doing. And there are over fifty such positions up for vote. The only GOOD news in all this is not all the positions are being contested, so a lot of people are getting the job without anyone actually having to vote. Go Democracy!

The upshot of all this is that I have a LOT of ground to cover, so I'm going to cheat. I'm covering on the ones in my neck of the woods. Muni league recommendations, Exceptional recommendations via, and fun facts. Snide comments kept to a minimum. Note that almost all these candidates have courtroom experience, endorsements from well-known politicians, and put either scales or gavels on their yard signs. The Factoid section is the briefest glimpse of why they are doing what they are doing.

OK, turn over your papers and begin the WASL:

King Superior Court, Position 1
Susan Amini (Muni League: Good, 1 Exceptionally Well Qualified Recommendations, Endorsed by the Times and the P-I). Factoid: Blindness of her son taught her about the importance of fairness and equal opportunity.
Tim Bradshaw (ML: Very Good, 3 EWQ Rec), endorsed by The Stranger) Factoid: Involvement in YWCA's "Girl's First" has prepared him to manage a courtroom.
Suzanne Parisien (ML: Very Good, 1 EWQ Rec) Factiod: Breast cancer survivor.

King Superior Court, Position 10
Jean Bouffard (ML: Good, 0 EWQs, Endorsed by the Stranger). Factoid: Notes that every open Superior Court Race has a candidate from the prosecutor's office, of which she is not.
Regina S, Cahan (ML: Very Good, 4 EWQs, Endorsed by the P-I and Times). Factoid: Claims to be distinguished from other candidates from diverse experience and bipartisan support.
Les Ponomarchuk (ML: Very Good, 3 EWQs). Factoid: Parents fled the Ukraine because of the Nazis. Godwin Surrenders.

King Superior Court, Position 22
Rebeccah Graham (ML: Good, 1 EWQ, Endorsed by the P-I). Factoid: Daughter of an African-American father and Jewish mother.
Holly Hill (ML: Outstanding, 2 EWQs, Endorsed by the Stranger). Factoid: Candidate statement avoids ALL CAPs, but has discovered the italics formatting key.
Julia Garratt (ML: Outstanding, 2 EWQs, Endorsed by the Times) Factoid: Superior Court Judge Pro Tem since 1998, stresses that she is already doing the job.

King Superior Court, Position 26
Laura Gene Middaugh (ML: Good, 0 EWQs, Endorsed by the Times, P-I, Stranger). Factoid: Incumbent, Worked her way through law school as an intensive care nurse.
Matthew R. Hale (ML: Not Qualified, 0 EWQs, No endorsements). Factoid: Learned his union values working as a laborer and carpenter, Questions if you would want someone with different values. Did not provide a candidate picture.

King Superior Court, Position 37
Nic Corning (ML: Very Good, 3 EWQs, No endorsements). Factoid: Worked his way through college as a cement finisher.
Jean Reitschel (ML: Outstanding, 5 EWQs, Endorsed by the Stranger, Times, P-I). Factoid: Former Municipal Court judge, claims to have heard more cases than all other candidates running for open seats, Took the lead in writing the Misdemeanor Report, which was a direct-to-video version of the Minority Report.
Barbara Mack (ML: Very Good, 0 EWQs, No Endorsements) Factoid: Former Deputy Under Secretary of the US Department of the Interior.

King Superior Court, Position 53
Mariane Spearman (ML: Outstanding, 5 EWQs, Endorsed by the P-I) Factoid: Candidate statement is a full list of previous law experience and endorsements. Doesn't give me anything to work with.
Ann Danieli (ML: Very Good, 3 EWQs, Endorsed by the Times, the Stranger) Factoid: Also listed experience in court. Also doesn't give me much to work with. OK, who let in the mild-mannered professionals, here?

More later,