Sunday, August 03, 2008

Kobold Clerics II

A couple days back I wrote up and published an Divine Channeling Feat for the wide-ranging Kobold mythos. Kevin James Kage wrote in with a better one. Here it is, with a minor tweak from me:

Channel Divinity: Fickle Finger of Faith - Feat Power
The gods do not always smile on us, so change allegiances as necessary
Daily - Divine
Immediate Interrupt
You miss with an attack using a Divine power source.
EffectReroll again for the attack, with a -1 penalty for the roll.

Originally it gave you a -1 Will penalty for until the end of your next turn, but that's one of those memory things that might not come up in combat, or if it does, the player might forget in the heat of the moment.

Kevin said it felt a bit more Cleric-like than the other one, which is more Warlock-y (and actually felt a little Kenderish to me, but never mind). What I like about Kevin's proposal is that it can be used for anyone worshipping a pantheon of gods, or ancestor spirits, or as the general default cleric. Problem solved!

And I think I'm going to put the one I made in my back pocket if I ever decide to create a Kender for 4E.

More later,

Update: So the playtest went well - the highpoint was me pushing a fey bear through a bar window. The kobold shifty step seems good. We had two kobolds in the group (the other one is a wizard), a dwarf, a dragonborn, and tiefling.