Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bits, Pieces . . .

And other updates.

Those of you who want to read a college comencement address (and who doesn't) will find it here. Oh, yeah, its the William and Mary address by Jon Stewart I mentioned earlier.

A new bit of LJ foolery also works here on blogspot, where you can find out your color based upon your user name. Mine is grubbstreet. Yeah, its blue. Gotta prob with that?

A while back I went down a list of excluding various recognized religions and peoples as far as marriage was concerned. Good fun, right? But no, leave it to TEXAS to take me seriously. A State Comptroler is trying to remove tax-exempt status from the Unitarian Universalists (I know, it sounds like a contradiction), because to be a religion, you have to, you know, believe in something. Actually, the statement is you have to have a creed, which oddly enough, means that Baptists are out as well, which outa will play REAL down there. But seriously, Kate and I were married in a Unitarian Universalist Church - I am a Wandering Presbyterian and Kate is Up-From-Catholic (You know - get your rosaries off my ovaries?). So suddenly I may be in the same ball of wax as many other people whose marriage is not recognized in all state of the unions. To which I say "Austin, here I come!"

[Kate has just informed me that we also have a marriage license in addition to a church's blessing. Darn that intermingling of Church and State!]

New Texas Motto - "Making those swells in Arkansas look all hoity-toity".

And finally, lemme check the Drudge Report - nope, nope, they're still fascinated by Kerry's Daughter's Breasts. He must be desperate for those hits nowadays. Maybe we could set up a warning system - "Today's forcast - Breasts, followed by more breasts, with Michael Moore breaking out towards dawn.

More later