Saturday, May 22, 2004

Mystery Noise

Married readers of this blog with sympathize. Unmarried readers will be amused.

Its been a long week, and it looks like it will be another long week next week, and I was really looking forward to sleeping in this morning. Normally my schedule puts me up and out the door while my Lovely Bride is still slugabed, but this particular Saturday she had to go to teach a tax class and I looked forward to sleeping until . . . oh, 10 or so.

But at 8ish my Lovely Bride heard a noise. According to her, it was a booming noise, and it shook the house, while she was in the other room. Neither I nor Emily the Cat could vouch for this noise, since we were both sleeping (soundly, I might add) at the time.

So my Lovely Bride comes back into the bedroom. The conversation went like this:

Lovely Bride: Did you hear that?


Lovely Bride: That noise. It shook the house.


Lovely Bride: I think a branch fell on the roof.

Me: Murrggle Lurrgle?

My Lovely Bride made repeated use of the words "noise", "shook", and "roof" until the system back-ups in my brain flickered to life and I hauled my previously-inert mass out of the waterbed.

So, despite my plans and deep, almost-comatose sleep, I was up and dressed and, half-awake, up on the roof in the drizzling rain looking for this massive branch that had to have fallen on the house in a location that I couldn't see from the ground when I circled the building, checking the roof and the foundation. Nothing but moss on some of the shingles (have to take care of that). Even checked the backyard in case another one of the great old trees had toppled. Nada.

So I got up too early for a mystery noise, and of course, cannot get back to sleep. Because Emily the Cat is hogging the bed now.

Murggle Lurrgle,