Sunday, May 23, 2004


A pleasant day, though not all that I anticipated. Salty's had good food and a horribly bungled front desk (the presence of a high chair at our table indicated they were not entirely on the ball). We ditched the library tour after I mentioned they were expecting 30K people (which, if it were true, meant they would outdraw the Mariners). Instead Wolf and Shelly (Monkey King and Mrs. Monkey King in the links), Kate and I spent the afternoon just jawing on a variety of subjects.

Now, its interesting, in that three of the four have livejournal/blogs, and Kate professes no interest in journals at all, claiming to have a real life. And you'd think with all the stuff we shoot back and forth over the net, we'd be pretty talked out. But the journal entries (the secret Japanese garden, Penn & Teller in Vegas, pipeline fires) seem to just provide touchstones for further conversation. Not to mention the fact that there is stuff that you'll say when you know the audience as opposed to what you're saying in a public blog.

Wolf and Shell loaned us the Firefly DVDs, and when the Lovely Bride and I got home, we watched the opener (which set everything up, but which the network in its wisdom decided to broadcast out of order). Strong performances, and a very nuanced universe. Now when I watched a few episodes broadcast-live, I was less than impressed (I was told by the deep geeks that I had caught "a bad episode" whenever I stated this). I think part of that was that I never tweaked to the fact that it was "Space Western" until I watched it (the network promotion was a bit lacking on this part). In any event, the official opener was very, very good, and I can see how it had every right to succeed and no surprise that it didn't, TV being what it is. Kate and I swore "The Couple's Video Code" - we would only watch the rest of them together.

And Kate notes that the Serenity's crew reminds her of her Star Wars campaign. This makes me more nervous than I thought it would.

More later,