Friday, May 21, 2004

Just call me Chaotic Good and Be Done with it

Here's a more refined political chart, which asks more questions and then posits you not only on the Right to Left axis, but on the Authoritarian to Libertarian Axis as well. Again, to no surprise I fall into both the Liberal and Libertarian departments, with a score of -4.18 and -4.91. That puts me near Gandhi and the Dali Lama and . . . Dennis Kucinich (two outa three ain't bad. Its a better quiz in that there were more than a few questions that I was neutral about, but "no opinion" was not an option.

The Democrat Presumptive Candidate came in almost at the balance point, while the Republican Candidate was almost off the chart to the Right. Only one thing to do - Move the center of the axis up and to the right! That makes EVERYONE else Liberal and Libertarian.

More later